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      Thursday 3rd December 2020

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The costs of domain registration are GBP14 per domainname for one of the following domains:
.nl, .be, .eu, .com, .net, .org, .online .store .shop .space and .tech.

The annual costs of web hosting are GBP42 (only GBP3.50 per month) per website.
The initial cost for starting up your website is GBP12.

For orders concerning website design, website development or website maintenance we always operate on a fixed price basis.
Potential customers will receive a free of obligations quotation based on the information sent to TransVer.

The cost of a website translation depends on the number of unique words in the source text.

We use a fixed word price of EUR 0,10 or GBP0.10.
The number of words in the translation multiplied by the price per word is the final invoice amount.

If you would like a quotation first, please indicate so when you send us your text.

Standard delivery time is 10 working days for translations of up to 2000 words.
Longer texts will be delivered as soon as our final inspection has taken place.
Urgent jobs will be handled with higher prority, after mutual price agreement.

A minimum fee of 30 EURO or GBP25 is applicable to any order.

For larger texts (more than 2000 words) the following is applicable:
If you would like us to give you a complimentary, no-strings-attached quotation, please send us the text for translation.
We will be delighted to be of service to you!

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