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      Thursday 3rd December 2020

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  • Nowadays it´s very important that your (business-) website renders well on the latest generation of mobile devices, smartphones, tablets and so on.
    Mobile internetting has been the fastest growing form of web surfing these last couple of years.

    Today the so called responsive websites react appropriately to the various hardware they´re running on.

  • Having your website ready for the mobile internet is thus very important..
    Most people only use their smartphones, tablets or laptops to look for and book an overnight stay at a B&B, guesthouse or hotel, both in advance and en route.
    We can adjust your website to these (new) media or build a special, so called responsive mobile version for you.

  • Furthermore, a growing number of Dutch-speaking people choose Ireland and the UK as their holiday destination.

  • Most of them want to visit various places of interest or attend a number of cultural events, all within a relatively short span of time, and are looking for B&B´s, guesthouses and hotels throughout these countries.

  • Moreover, accommodation is booked both in advance and during the trip and so it becomes increasingly important for B&B´s, guesthouses and hotels to be well present and easy to track on the internet.

  • For the majority already present on the web it might be interesting to have a copy of their website content in Dutch as well.
    This will fully open up your website to Dutch-speaking public in both Belgium and the Netherlands, which means about an extra 20 million potential customers.

  • We also offer so called availability calendars giving customers the opportunity to check for vacancies on the dates they wish to book, while you as owner of a B&B or hotel use these calendar(s) to register your bookings.
    We can both install and maintain such an availability calendar for your site on one of our servers.
    Get connected to the more important social media sites and communicate directly with potential customers..
    Then, use these sites to publish your latest offers and news, and have customers write their reviews here.

  • We can help by translating the content of your present website into Dutch, either by building a copy in Dutch of your present site, or by developing and building a complete new website for your B&B, hotel or guesthouse both in English and in Dutch.

  • A multi-language website will promote your business to a much bigger target group.
    By means of for instance a simple flag-icon any visitor to your website can easily switch to his or her preferred language.

  • We can take care of the introduction of your site and business on Twitter for blogging purposes and on social networking sites Facebook and, more businesslike, LinkedIn.

  • We develop and build SEO-friendly websites, for higher rankings at the various search engines, esp. Google, increasing the chance that your B&B, hotel or guesthouse will be chosen considerably!
    SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the process of improving the visibility of a website or a web page in search engines via the ´natural´ or un-paid search results.

  • Newly developed or updated websites are then tested extensively in all possible situations using various (mobile) browsers.
    This testing period is one of the most important stages during development and testing has to be done accurately and thoroughly.

  • Testing is done in the current versions of the following browsers:
    Internet Explorer (IE), Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari.
    Furthermore testing is done using various mobile browsers.

  • We can take care of your domain registration and web hosting as well.
    We support domains like: .nl, .be, .eu, .com, .net, .org, .online .shop and .store.
    Annual costs for webhosting are 48 Euros or GBP42 (just €4 or GBP3.50 per month!)
    Another option is to have your newly-built Dutch version hosted by TransVer, while the original version stays hosted at your present internet service provider (ISP) as before.
    You then just have to slightly adapt the url-name of the Dutch version or choose an extra domain for it.

  • If you think that we can be of any help to you and your business, you can either ask for further information first or send us your order right away.
    Please send your enquiries to info@transver.net.

  • Please feel free to ask further information or send us your ideas, plans, photos or website content.

  • Prior to carrying out any order we will make a no-obligation-quote based on the fixed price principle.

  • Some technical information:
    Small sites are developed in HTML5 and CSS3 with some additional Javascript where necessary, while bigger websites are developed using PHP, again possibly with additional Javascript.
    Mobile websites are developed with use of the jQuery mobile Javascript library.

    At TransVer´s we work with scripting languages PHP and Javascript.

    PHP is a so called server-side scripting language, Javascript on the other hand is a client-side scripting language.

    Server-side means that all processing takes place on the webserver computer which then sends the result as HTML-pages to the browser on the client ´s computer.

    Client-side on the other hand means that all processing is directly done in the browser on the client´s computer.

  • We work with the developing tools from the Adobe® CS-Suite®, mainly Dreamweaver ® and Fireworks®.
    For data storage we advise the open source database MySql.
    A website built with a CMS can be maintained and updated by the owner or administrator, without any help of a professional webdeveloper.

  • One last extra feature to mention here might be the use of the AJAX-group of technologies.
    AJAX stands for Asynchronous Javascript and Xml and allows parts of the website being refreshed dynamically without the user having to press the browser´s refresh button (F5).
    Ajax can be used in various situations and might be applicable for parts of your website as well.
    Google ´ajax programming´ for lots of information about this subject.

  • We develop your new SEO-friendly website exactly like you want it to be: from a relatively simple, straightforward site to the most extensive variant.
    SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and has the ultimate goal of getting high rankings on the various search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo!.

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