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      Monday 22nd April 2019

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New clients have the opportunity to register first.

However, registration is not by any means obliged and you are most welcome to send us your order(s) without being registrated.
In that case we´ll just need your mail address.

If you decide to register, please use the Login option to register not only your new user-id and password, but also your postal and e-mail addresses plus some complementary information.

Once registered you will receive a welcome-mail from TransVer confirming your registration.

Please return this welcome-mail to TransVer to make your registration permanent.
Once made permanent you´ll have access to the client area of this site, which offers, among other things, the opportunity to monitor your orders´ progress.

As a registered user you can send your orders through the TransVer website https://www.transver.net either as plain text, or as Html-text or as a file.

You can either ask for a quotation first, or give the order straight away.
Please tick the checkbox marked ´Quotation´ if you want a quotation first.

Via the TransVer website clients can follow their orders´ progress.

We use colours to mark your orders´ status:

Grey              is used for texts which have been offered for quotation.
Red                is used for orders which have been agreed on and are ready to be processed.
Orange          is used for orders which are actually being processed now.
Light green   means that work on this order has been finished.
Dark green   finally means that results have been delivered (job's done!).

Occasional orders can be handled without any registration obligations.

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