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      Thursday 3rd December 2020

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 Can your website cope with the latest developments . . . . .

social media icons Social media have become immense popular over the years and are part of every day's life now.

Millions of people use these sites on a daily basis to communicate with friends and (potential) customers (Facebook, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn) or to blog (Twitter).

For you it can be an excellent way to promote your website and thus your business.

Here, you can announce your latest offers, publish reviews of satisfied customers, or start a special advertising campaign.

Take full advantage of these media!
Mobile internetting is still growing rapidly and has by far surpassed the traditional browsing via PC´s.
Next to the still much used PC´s and laptops there is this whole range of devices like tablet-computers and numerous types of smartphones.
However, older websites often need to be adapted to these new devices.
The original layout as once developed for PC´s does not meet the requirements for these new devices anymore.

Websites have to be ´responsive´, that is adapting correctly to the device (pc, tablet, smartphone) on which they are running.

Sometimes it can be more convenient to have a new simpler version of your website specifically developed for these new devices.

The most obvious problem is of course the many differences in screen sizes between traditional computers and smartphones.
But also certain software functionality like Adobe™ Flash™-movies for instance might not be working on smartphones anymore, and thus will need to be adjusted.

Check your website and see how it responds to all these new devices, and let us know if you want things changed.

search engine optimization

How are your rankings on the various search engines?
It´s very important to have a high ranking on these search engines and thus increase your online visibility.
When looking at search results people tend to visit just those sites that are listed on the first couple of pages on a search engine´s listing.
Your ranking can be improved by using the correct keywords and by having excellent content.
Next to it you can do extra by taking part in for instance Google´s AdWords and AdSense services.
These and other actions all come under the term Search Engine Optimization(SEO).

Let us know if you need help in these matters.
your website in Dutch As Ireland and Britain attract more and more visitors from Belgium and the Netherlands it might become very interesting to have a copy of your website´s content in Dutch as well.
Though many Dutch and Belgian people do speak some English, they often fail to understand correctly on a detailed level.
A version in their native language can prove to be a perfect godsend to them.

Your site and business can get a potential 20 million extra readers.

Based in the Netherlands, Dutch is our native language, so we can deliver a copy in perfect Dutch.
Let us know if you are interested.
We charge as little as Euro150,- for translating small to medium sized websites.

You can either add the Dutch copy to your existing English version or have it hosted here in the Netherlands as a separate website under its own domain.
Annual costs for hosting are Euro36,-

Either ask for a free quotation first and decide later, or send us your order right away.

Please send your enquiries to info@transver.net.

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